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Individual Tax Issues 


  • Tax Return Preparation (electronic filing available)

  • Expatriate Tax Services (Americans working abroad)

  • Tax Audit & Controversy Representation

  • Federal and State Offer in Compromise

  • Estate and Retirement Planning

Do you live in one state but regularly work in another? Did you move and draw paychecks in more than one state last year? Does your job take you on the road to multiple states? If any of these situations apply to you, you may be required to file income tax returns in multiple states.  CAJ Tax Solutions is well versed in all state tax laws.  We can make certain that no portion of your income gets taxed twice and will work to maximize your state tax savings.
Are you an American living and working abroad? Did you work abroad for part of the year? Even if you drew all of your paychecks in another country, Uncle Sam will follow you and expect you to file there (and possibly the state where you last hung your toothbrush). CAJ Tax Solutions has clients overseas and experience with American expatriate taxation.  Fortunately, a large portion of your income may be excludable from taxation in the USA, and/or foreign income taxes you paid may credit against your federal and state tax liability. CAJ Tax Solutions can ensure you are in compliance with federal and state laws and that you pay no more taxes than required by law.
Getting nowhere with the IRS? Are you being audited, asked for information from, or receiving unfriendly notices from the IRS? The worst path you can take is to ignore the IRS because they will never go away. The best action you can take is to get formal representation to deal with the IRS. The IRS and state tax agencies can be very unpleasant and difficult, especially without representation.  CAJ Tax Solutions can take over, ensure that your rights before the government are respected and work to ensure that you are treated fairly.  Having worked at the IRS and also having dealt with nearly every state tax agency, we know how they operate and the methods they use to secure taxes that clients may not be required to pay.

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