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 Business Tax Issues


  • Tax Return Preparation (electronic filing available)

  • Tax Audit & Controversy Representation

  • Business Incorporation and Optimal Tax Structures

  • Multistate Tax Consulting for Businesses Operating in Multiple States

  • Income, Sales, Payroll and Other Tax Issues

  • Federal and State Offer in Compromise

  • Other accounting, tax and consulting services – just call and ask!

Starting a new business? CAJ Tax Solutions can help you get properly incorporated in your state and assist with setting up the most optimal business structure from a tax and liability standpoint.
Does your business operate or serve customers in multiple states? If your business has property and/or employees in more than one state, or provides services to customers in multiple states, you may be required to register and/or file income taxes in states other than the state in which your main office is located.  Even if your business isn’t required to file income taxes in states outside the state of your corporate domicile, you may be able to reduce your total state income tax liability by choosing to file in states where you have sales to customers in addition to the state where your business is headquartered.  Being familiar with the tax laws of all states, CAJ Tax Solutions can work to find the best multi-state tax strategy to minimize your state tax liabilities.
Federal and state tax filings becoming a hassle? As your business grows, you will likely hire employees, sell different types of goods and/or services, and secure different licenses. There are monthly, quarterly and annual filings to be completed, taking time away from what you do best and why you went into business in the first place.  Let CAJ Tax Solutions focus on the maze of payroll, sales, income and other tax filings, so you don’t fall behind in your compliance obligations and suffer any penalties.  No tax form is too complicated for us!
IRS or state tax agency coming after you? CAJ Tax Solutions can represent you before the Internal Revenue Service or state tax agency for all tax issues whether they concern income, payroll, sales or other taxes. We will ensure you are treated fairly, matters are resolved quickly and any tax assessments, penalties and interest are minimized.  Having worked at the IRS and also having dealt with nearly every state tax agency, we know how they operate and the methods they use to secure taxes that you may not be required to pay.

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